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Terrarium with Potted Plants

The old terrarium was doing ok but it just seemed like it needed some sprucing up. So I thought I would try putting the plants in tiny pots for a nice clean look. I removed all the soil and put a bit of gravel in the bottom to create a smooth layer. I then got some cheap plastic pots and cut them short so they aren’t as high. I think I might get some nicer ceramic ones in future. There is a Moon Valley Pilea (I think) and a Peperomia in there. These guys seem to do ok in the terrarium. I’m still learning which plants are good for terrariums.

terrarium pots

Bonsai Overwintering in Boxes

Well, it’s been a while since my last post. The bonsai trees are not doing so great. Some are alive but some seem to be dying. Anyway, right now it’s winter so I tried to give them some protection by putting them in boxes and filling in the box with leaves for insulation. Some say you could simply bury the pots bit in the ground but I don’t have a yard for that. I will post more updates as spring comes. I hope they make it. (I think I am in zone 5.)


Bonsai Attempt – Mugo Pine and Hazelnut

Well, I have been reading a bit about Bonsai trees so I thought I would give it a try. There were some trees on sale at the nursery in the fall so I purchased a couple.

This is the mugo pine:

This is a close up of the hazelnut tree: (the tag says “corylus avellana red majestic” Red Leaf Contorted Hazelnut)

The branches of the hazelnut tree:

So in the early spring I will try to prune them and start turning them into bonsai. I am pretty sure I will fail but who knows.