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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Carboard Sled Test Trials

Matt and I took the sled out for a test run today. It was a cold but beautiful day. Then it crashed. Matt said he could drive it better. Unfortuneately the prototype’s frame was damaged during these tests.

Cardboard Sled

So my friend asked me to go tobogganing. And I had some big cardboard boxes lying around. I had heard you can make a sled out of cardboard. So I made a sled out of cardboard. Why not. You only live once (or twice if you are James Bond) We haven’t tried it yet. If this is […]

Keg Your Own Beer – results

This is an update on an earlier post. I kegged a batch of beer in a Corny keg. Let it sit for a few days to carbonate, put the keg in my extra fridge, attached the mini CO2 gizmo and the tap, and dispensed a glass (or two) of my very own draft beer. It really works! The […]