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Did you know that you can make a “Beebox”. It’s a home for bees! I am talking about, friendly, stingless, native bees!. All you really need to do is drill some 5/16 inch holes in a block of wood although there are more elaborate options. According to the internet, the solitary bees need to find holes like that so they can lay their eggs. You can even use a bundle of bamboo sticks. There are different kinds of bees: the Mason bee, the Carpenter Bee, the Aphid Eating Bee, and the Leafcutter Bee, to name a few. All are just fascinating. The Mason bee uses mud to make cells inside the hole. The Leafcutter uses leaves. Then, next spring, the baby bees emerge. Apparently, the Mason bee places the male babies towards the outside of the hole just in case the hole is attacked by birds (the males are more expendable you see).

Here is my Beebox under construction:

Here is the Beebox in the garden. No bees as of yet.

So why don’t you make one yourself. There is a little bit more information you should know before you build one. Go to the internet and also to Youtube. Do a search for “beebox” or “mason bees”.

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