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Category Archives: garden

Terrarium with Potted Plants

The old terrarium was doing ok but it just seemed like it needed some sprucing up. So I thought I would try putting the plants in tiny pots for a nice clean look. I removed all the soil and put a bit of gravel in the bottom to create a smooth layer. I then got […]

Bonsai Overwintering in Boxes

Well, it’s been a while since my last post. The bonsai trees are not doing so great. Some are alive but some seem to be dying. Anyway, right now it’s winter so I tried to give them some protection by putting them in boxes and filling in the box with leaves for insulation. Some say […]

Bonsai Attempt – Mugo Pine and Hazelnut

Well, I have been reading a bit about Bonsai trees so I thought I would give it a try. There were some trees on sale at the nursery in the fall so I purchased a couple. This is the mugo pine: This is a close up of the hazelnut tree: (the tag says “corylus avellana […]