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Hummingbird Moth Caterpillar

We were out for a bike ride around the beginning of September and we happened upon this handsome fellow who was trying to cross the road: I could be totally 100% wrong but I think it might be the caterpillar of some species of Hummingbird moth. You may have seen those giant size moths around […]

Hypertufa Pots

Did you know you can make your own garden pots? Well, you can! They are called Hypertufa pots. Once again the internet told me what to do. You get some portland cement, peat moss, and perlite (or vermiculite). These items can be found at home depot. You mix them at approximatley 1 part portland to […]

Beebox Update

This is an update to the earlier Beebox post. I can’t beleive it. The beebox worked! Well, it mostly worked. It seems that I have a wasp filling in all the holes in the beebox. You can see in the picture the wasp is busy mudding in the hole. The wasp works fast. She filled […]