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stuff that happend

A Lot of Ducks

Matt and I went to do some geocaching at the park. It was the worst geocaching expedition ever. We couldn’t find anything plus it was freezing cold. The batteries on my gps unit ran out and Matt’s blackberry didn’t work either. We did however see a lot of ducks!    

What the Cats Saw

Last night we were sitting watching tv and we noticed Simon was intently staring into the darkness of the stairway. He was staring like this for about 1/2 an hour straight. So I took a picture of what he saw. It was our little female cat Lilly. (Simon and Lilly don’t get along too well) […]

Carboard Sled Test Trials

Matt and I took the sled out for a test run today. It was a cold but beautiful day. Then it crashed. Matt said he could drive it better. Unfortuneately the prototype’s frame was damaged during these tests.