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Hummingbird Moth Caterpillar

We were out for a bike ride around the beginning of September and we happened upon this handsome fellow who was trying to cross the road:

Big Caterpillar

I could be totally 100% wrong but I think it might be the caterpillar of some species of Hummingbird moth. You may have seen those giant size moths around Kamloops that look and act almost exactly like a Hummingbird! They are so cool. Here is a photo I found on the internet:

So I do believe this guy was looking for a good place to build his/her cocoon for the winter. I think they come out in spring as a moth to feast on nectar. Good luck little guy.

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Make Your Own Cat House

No, not that kind of cat house. I am talking about a house fit for a cat.

A poor stray kitty was hanging around our house, just looking for some love. The poor little guy was so beat up and scraggly. He is almost blind and very scared of people but he is also a real sweetheart once you get to know him.

So we thought we could build him a little house so he could live in comfort and style over the winter. My dad gave me some scrap wood. I made a simple box. Of course I had to put in a double pane window. That is made out of two pieces of plexiglass I got at home depot. When the sun shines, it really heats up in the house! And he can keep an eye on the outside world. I got an electric pet bed from Canadian tire. It is made just for pets and it doesn’t get too hot.

Also, I got a wireless thermometer from XS Cargo so I could see how warm it was in the house. The house is lined with carpet which I thought would be good enough for insulation. As it turns out, the house is not that warm at night. I may have to get another heat source and maybe beef up the insulation. A coworker suggested a low wattage light bulb. Someone also suggested that a thermal emitter, the kind used for reptile aquariums, might also work. I tried to make a flap to cover the door but sometimes it doesn’t close quite right. I also made a mattress for him to sleep on but sometimes he pulls it out of the way so he can sleep directly on the heating pad. Oh ya, the house also has a sliding door that can be opened up if it gets too hot (in the summer). I think the door also might be good for giving him some food when its -20 outside.

At any rate, Hungry Kitty, as we now call him due to his insatiable eating habits, just loves the house. I thought it would take him a few days to get used to it but he was right in there 10 minutes after I fnished building it!

More Pictures Added:

The heating pad was obtained from the pet store and is made specially for pets.

I also added some extra heating by using a low wattage light bulb, and some heating duct. I believe it is quite safe because the bulb hangs inside the duct so it doesn’t actually come into contact with any part of the house. The heat rises and flows into the house.